If you ask most landscapers why they got into the business, they will most likely say, ‘because I love flowers, shrubs, and trees.’ No matter what your garden aesthetic is, it will be made more beautiful with the addition of plants and planters.


Because of the predominance of clay-type soil conditions in the North Shore and Greater Auckland areas, a gardener has to consider their plant options very carefully. JR Landscaping stock clay-loving plants in our nursery, which means once they have been professionally integrated into your garden, they will thrive and grow quickly. Is there a particular clay soil resistant plant you have to have in your garden? Talk to us about our range of planters. They are available in a range sizes, styles, colours, materials, and shapes.

Innovative Planting Ideas for Your Commercial or Residential Garden

Soil isn’t the only thing to consider when planting a garden. The environment, microclimate, and – most importantly, how active you want to be looking after your garden – all have to be taken into consideration. We focus on seasonal and / or perennial plants, so when winter comes around, there’s no heavy duty garden maintenance for you to do if you don’t like it. Please speak to us if you want your garden landscaped to take a composting area into consideration.